How do I manage multiple jobs?

So I'm trying to pitch in and help a friend build a small business. I trust in his idea and I know we're a great team. The only thing standing in the way is this- I have a very busy schedule and not that much free time. My job sucks up a lot of energy. But I really do believe in his concept and it has a tremendous amount of potential. How can I find a way to add this task into my life and still keep a sense of balance?

How to make it to the next tax bracket as a designer

My income has been slowly increasing as time goes on, but I honestly don't want to wait forever to start making some serious money. I'm hungry for promotions, bigger contracts, and larger projects. As a designer, how do I give myself a boost in status in a relatively short period of time? I'm asking people out there that have experience in having 'breakout moments' during their career that really catapulted them to the next level. How can I do it?

How to find a good partner?

I have daydreams of leaving my 9-to-5 and going into business for myself. Now I have a few ideas that I can build up, but they require a little more manpower to actually get off the ground. The problem is, I don't know to many people who want to help out. Also, I honestly don't know if I trust anyone to partner up with. However, it's going to be very taxing if I start all by myself. How can I find the right person to develop a business with?

How do I prepare a portfolio for potential employers?

I'm kind of new at graphic design / art direction. The only thing in my portfolio are school projects and other random things done for friends and family. What can I do to create a portfolio book that gives me a better chance of getting a job?

How to create a network in a new field?

So I've been thinking about branching out some of my interests into something more serious. I have been a photographer for the majority of my career and I have slowly begun to entertain the idea of starting a small restaurant. The thing is- I know absolutely NO ONE in the food industry, and I have no real background in cooking. But I like to eat! Regardless of my present goal, I was wondering how someone can reach out and create a serious network in something that they are not really connected to?

How to stop making crucial mistakes at work?

I hate making mistakes at work, and most of the time it happens when I overlook something important. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it sucks. Mistakes can be costly in many ways, and they make me feel incompetent. What can I do to be more confident in the integrity of my work?

How to get interviews

Everyone knows that turning in an application to a job might lead to an interview. I want to know how to score an interview by going beyond the normal process. What is a great UNCONVENTIONAL way to get an interview?

Get better at networking events?

How can I make a better impression, better contacts, and create better opportunities at networking events? I am just OK at socializing and it's difficult for me to build out a conversation... especially about my career! How can I come off not sounding desperate for connections, and valuable at the same time? Thanks!

How to choose the right job?

I am about to complete uni, and I want to know how to choose the right job. Should I focus on money, pleasure, or status? Should I focus on specializing or being more well-rounded? Let me know how I can find the most rewarding career path in the STEM fields.