How to ultrafine mill maintenance

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Fan is a very important part of ultrafine mill, play a role in separation, but in order to ensure the quality of finished products, we need to carry out the necessary maintenance, then how to maintain it? ultrafine mill structure, in order to ensure the quality of finished products in the production, the use of fans to separate them, mainly the material after grinding, if the particle size to meet the needs of production, it will be taken away by the wind, if not, it will be Grinding again, so you can ensure that the finished product particles, high quality, which to a large extent, depends on the role of fans, fan maintenance is very important. ultrafine mill in the design, for different types of mill, fan and separator connection, should be based on the specific model to choose from, so you can more fit the production process, in general, out of life And other aspects of consideration. ultrafine mill: