How to pretend to be busy?

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BY AndreTM | UNSTUMPED | how not to get fired, productivity, misc

I know it sounds goofy, but hear me out. At my job, there are busy days and there are slow days. I don't want to get laid off for being unproductive... but at the same time, there is not much to do. I'm worried that I'll get canned if I sit around on Facebook, so how can I look like I'm doing something? Tell me how I can do it in 5 easy steps!!

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BY Luke Olsen
First, you gotta come up with ways that you can stretch out seemingly productive tasks. Cleaning out your email inbox, tidying up your work area, light janitorial work, and other small tasks are great at keeping your hands full and aren't seen as a complete waste of time.

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BY Owen Miller
After you've cleaned up here and there, ask if you can make yourself useful to others. Co-workers may need some help too! If they don't have anything immediately, tell them that YOU need help staying busy. Hopefully they'll empathize!

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BY Rick W.
Always be discreet when texting, surfing the web, or doing any other time-wasting things. Have half-written emails or half-done projects around you at all times so that you can pull them up in case someone asked what you're doing. ALWAYS be in the middle of doing something, so it looks like they are interrupting you when you're busy.

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BY John
I pretty much work at the same type of place. As weird as it sounds, don't respond immediately to emails. If you don't, it makes it seem like you're doing something, and cannot immediately reply to the message. Also, half written emails on a dual monitor, as well as papers (they can even be old projects) laying on your desk can look good to help you pretend that you're busy.

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BY UNCofDuty
Once you've done all the above, spend your free time looking for another job! Don't be surprised if they start laying people off because there's not enough work to go around.