How do I express controversial ideas?

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BY tommy beuvais | UNSTUMPED | controversy, communication, work, Ideas

I love wild stuff like World Star Hip Hop and other general crazyness. I work in a seemingly 'fun' environment, but how can I pivot my creative stance to something more edgy... and have people on board? What are some steps I can take to find support in really wild ideas? How can I get people to look past what's 'politically correct' and focus on what really gets people talking?

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BY UNCofDuty
Ask yourself- are your ideas worth sharing? They might be crazy, but do they make sense? Do they work? Build a body of proof to demonstrate that your crazy though process is actually functional. Make people believe in what you tell them by showing them that you can be successful through your attitude.

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BY sean stewart
Once you have a tested out your ideas and checked if they hold water, get in in your head that people might not like them. You have to communicate, as soon as you can, how your ideas can work and that you are solution-minded. People have to know that you are coming from a place of constructive thought, not destructive. Once you can establish that, then you can use it as your platform to speak.

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BY Ramos Alvarez
You've tested your ideas. You've found the right tone of voice/attitude to to express them. Now, find a community that shares similar ideas or allows for discussion. You can find all kinds of groups on social media that are full of people that can challenge or influence your opinions. See who you can find!

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BY stephen benton
If you find the right group of people who understand you, find out where they go an what they like. You're bound to find likeminded people through them. Also, don't be afraid to go where you might not be welcome, but try to bridge the gap by taking the time to listen to people that you don't agree with so you can find some common ground. They will be more open to hear you out if they know that you at least care what they have to say.