How can I find a career mentor?

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BY Ramos Alvarez | UNSTUMPED | mentor, guidance, personal growth

I have a great network of friends and colleagues at work. I also get along very well with the bosses. What I would like to know is, how can I find someone, outside of my job, to kind of teach and guide me in my career? Someone who is further along the path I'm on. Also, I'd prefer them to be quite separate from my work life, so they actually don't disrupt my day-to-day. Hoe that's clear, let's hear some suggestions!

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BY Yusef P
Give yourself a wide range of options. A mentor can be someone who can guide you for however long you may need- so you have to decide how long you need one. Do you want to have a mentor help you reach a 1-year goal, 5-year plan, or for the stretch of your whole career? Figure out how you want to grow, and let that decide what you need in a mentor.

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BY Dennis_M
Now you have some clear direction on what you need. Time to reach out to find the person who is where you want to be! You can either try to make friends with senior-level position at another company, or look into actual mentorship-programs and events that exist.

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BY Vlad_Rem
By now you have an idea of what you want, and how long you want it. A quick google search might bring up some options for you. There are many small online communities that you can join where they can offer specific directions for you. Also try researching companies that specialize in this type of service. Make sure to shop around and see what works best for your own standards.