How do I become a better reader?

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BY Luke Olsen | UNSTUMPED | reading, laziness, ingenuity

It's lame to admit this, but I hate reading books and papers. It's so boring and I have no patience. I know people out there that love to read. What can I do to become more motivated to read? I also made this 2 steps because I really don't have the patience to make this really long and detailed.

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BY Dennis_M
Baby steps! Start small, read a page in a magazine once a week. Move up to an article later. Read short writings about subjects you are interested in. Like anything else, you have to work your way up. Start small, and soon you'll move on to heavier reading.

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BY Vlad_Rem
Once you've gotten a little better and reading is something that happens daily, consider getting a recorded reading. It helps to listen to someone else and follow along. That wat, it becomes a 'bigger' experience instead of just staring at words until you're bored. Good luck!