How to turn an accountant into a designer

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BY Josue Cabrera | UNSTUMPED | career change, new skills

So I've been working in accounting at an e-commerce business for the past 4 years. It has allowed me to come into more contact with creatives, and their line of work has started to really appeal to me. I've never seen myself as a creative director before, but lately I've been thinking about it alot. If I were to switch paths from finance to design, how could I do it?

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BY Ramos Alvarez
First and foremost, develop your creative ability! Start thinking critically about aesthetics, and what function they serve.

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BY Dan Bodecker
Since you work around creatives, try and talk to them. They can explain the thinking that goes into their work, and how to identify what successful/unsuccessful design.

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BY sean stewart
Get versed in Adobe Creative Suite! You'll have to know those programs through and through in order to do any type of design work.

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BY AndreTM
Check to see if your employer offers any kind of training or education assistance. You might be able to take a few courses and receive some type of certificate for design while having your company pay for it. If anything, ask around to see if you can maneuver yourself to the creative side.

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BY Yusef P
You're in a good spot because you have daily access to a creative team. If you're not friends with them already, make friends! Explain your situation, and ask to be a part of some of their projects. Try to sit in on their meetings and really understand how they operate.

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BY Dennis_M
With enough time and exposure, the design team may be open to you contributing a few ideas. See if you can increase some of your design responsibilities as time goes on.

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BY Raj Gupti
If you continue to actively participate in design projects, eventually you may be able to leverage that work as evidence of your design experience! Try to market yourself on that body of work when making your career change!