How to do survive a terrorist attack?

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BY stephen benton | UNSTUMPED | survival, terrorism, terrorist, shooting, self defense, protection

So I hear about attacks all the time. There was a recent shooting in a Washington DC shopping mall. There were shootings at a San Bernardino office. Paris attacks. Regular civilians are getting killed in these things and I don't want to be one. I can't own a gun, either- there are strict laws against owning guns where I live and the people around me don't like guns. But I can't rely on the police saving me or the government keeping people safe, because the victims of terrorist attacks get killed anyway because no one could protect them. What I want to know is how to protect myself in the event of a terrorist shooting without being able to own a gun or rely on the government?

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BY BigGavin
Well right off the bat you have to be in the right mindset. It all starts with mindset- You gotta be ready to move when shit goes down. No need to be paranoid, just be alert and aware of your surroundings. Take time to figure out where exits are, and what you can use to defend yourself if you have to.

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BY Josue Cabrera
See if you can carry some type of protection with you all the time. Stuff like smoke grenades, distractions, escape tools, bulletproof vests, and other stuff that can shield you or others. These things can distract a terrorist just long enough so you can get away.

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BY Owen Miller
If you have all those defense tools, make sure you practice! You don't want to get any innocent people hurt when you are in a dangerous situation. Practice using self-defense for when you are by yourself, in a crowd, sitting down, etc. Don't be caught off guard!

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BY UNCofDuty
Take a few seconds every now and then to look around you. Just see what people are up to, what sounds you hear, and have a general idea of what's going on. Many people become victims when they are not paying attention to potential threats. If you get a funny feeling from time to time, don't brush it off. Look around and see the signs.

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BY Luke Olsen
It was hinted at in the steps before- you can't get paranoid. But you also have to realize that things can happen at anytime, and you have to have a plan. There's too much senseless violence that happens at random times in random places these days. Make sure you just keep that in mind and know what to do if something goes wrong and a guy starts shooting everyone around you. Try not to panic, focus on your plan, and try to get to safety as soon as possible. If you can't go anywhere, have a plan to fight back so that you can make it out alive!