How do I market an app?

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BY Dan Bodecker | STUMPED | App, Development, Marketing

So I've built an app based on sharing music playlists with friends and other local people. I've already reached out to people on social media, but how else can I do it for cheap?

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BY Rick W.
Figure out the specific type of person that would benefit from your app. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they do for work? How do they spend their time? Use those questions to create a 'map' of where your efforts should be targeted.

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BY Yusef P
Once you have that info, find the right avenue to reach that specific market. You can connect through social media, word of mouth, putting on events, etc.

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BY andyStrauman
It might help to go to places (on the internet or in real life) where people are already sharing music with eachother. Find a community that is interested un updating their library, and are looking for new ways to do it.

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BY thisismorty
Is there a feature on your app that connects to other social media? It might help to have a presence on another site that gets a lot of unique visitors. When people use your product, it would be a huge benefit if other people are made aware of it immediately. That way, the act of using it the same as promoting it.