How to choose the right job?

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BY Francis D. | UNSTUMPED | Career

I am about to complete uni, and I want to know how to choose the right job. Should I focus on money, pleasure, or status? Should I focus on specializing or being more well-rounded? Let me know how I can find the most rewarding career path in the STEM fields.

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BY Dennis_M
Research and see if you school can help you find and apply for internships with any partner companies. Talk to any career/student employment department staff that you can find.

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BY andyStrauman
Start researching any companies that create products/services that you are interested in. Learn about their employees, locations, and any open jobs. Research the type of entry-level positions that you may find open, and see if you can meet the needs of the job's description.

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BY Dan Bodecker
Once you know what kind of jobs are out there, start thinking about what your day-to-day is going to be like at one of those places... are you going to enjoy the people there? The work? Is the money right? Can you bring something to the table, and can you learn to grow with the job?

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BY KillroyWasHere
Reach out to people who are actually working in the STEM fields. Ask what the pros and cons are, and their expectation vs. the reality.

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BY andyStrauman
Try to keep a flexible attitude. You might get the chance to work on projects that you originally were NOT interested in; but may eventually grow to enjoy.

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If you are flexible- consider how your desired job can enhance skills that are good for other fields. Just in case you decide to specialize and your specific career has a dead end. You can use your background to apply to a completely different line of work!

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BY BigGavin
Don't forget to work around people you like to be around. It's better to be around people you get along with if you are going to be spending most of your time around them.

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BY UNCofDuty
Don't for get to have fun! What the hell is it all about if it doesn't bring you a sense of joy?