Get better at networking events?

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BY Yusef P | UNSTUMPED | Networking, Social Skills, Career

How can I make a better impression, better contacts, and create better opportunities at networking events? I am just OK at socializing and it's difficult for me to build out a conversation... especially about my career! How can I come off not sounding desperate for connections, and valuable at the same time? Thanks!

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BY thisismorty
It usually helps me to have a specific goal in mind when engaging in people in business/social settings. Your goal could be anything from learning about a specific type of job, or trying to find someone who has a similar interest and can bounce ideas. If you keep that goal in mind, it helps guide the conversation.

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BY Raj Gupti
If you have your specific talking points in mind, feel free to attach other goals. Such as making 1-3 new contacts per event, scheduling another meetup, or simply having and exchange over 15 minutes.

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BY Bryce Moreno
When determining what to ask other event attendees, make sure that each question leads into the next. This is important because you don't want to make it seem like your thoughts are scattered. Use the opportunity to get someone to expand upon their experiences or advice. You could have the change to learn something compelling.

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BY sean stewart
As you learn more about a person, take a second to ask yourself "where do I fit in this picture?" Make sure to mention any comparable experiences or qualities. Bonus points if you can get your new connection to be more curious and engaging towards you after the ice is broken.

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BY UNCofDuty
Now that you have your Ice breakers and conversation prompts, then next step is crucial- LISTEN! You gotta listen to people. It's easy to get caught up in your head and focus on how YOU are coming off.... but you have to spend your energy listening to what people are saying. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification, it's important that you try to understand the people you are meeting.

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BY Vlad_Rem
Last step: Have an exit strategy! You've done all the above, and that's great. Now it's time to wrap it up. DOn't overstay your welcome with people- it's better to leave them wanting more. Hand over your contact info, be ready to accept theirs. Thank them for their time, see if you can lock in another get-together, and move onto the next adventure as discreetly as possible! Good luck!!