How to make it to the next tax bracket as a designer

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BY UNCofDuty | UNSTUMPED | rockstar, Career, risk-taking, reward, design

My income has been slowly increasing as time goes on, but I honestly don't want to wait forever to start making some serious money. I'm hungry for promotions, bigger contracts, and larger projects. As a designer, how do I give myself a boost in status in a relatively short period of time? I'm asking people out there that have experience in having 'breakout moments' during their career that really catapulted them to the next level. How can I do it?

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BY Rick W.
This is how you start: by switching up your routine. If you decide you have to learn some new skills or perfect the ones you have, you increase your chances of getting better at what you do. You start with focusing on what ability you can improve that will make other people benefit as well.

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BY Bryce Moreno
Next, you learn do identify what project you can take on that is worth the time and energy. A valuable skill to have is knowing how to pick your battles. When you have an opportunity in your career that 'feels right', give it your all. Go above and beyond the call of duty to produce the best results you can. make sure your boss and anyone else will notice your work. Make sure their needs are met and establish your value.

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BY sean stewart
Once you've decided your course of action, set some milestones. Have career/financial goals placed at 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc. This will help keep you on track and motivated. Once you've put in enough time, seen the results and tracked your successes, be able to present them to your bosses/clients... or even another employer. If they can see your value, then you can start to charge more. Also, just keep your mind open to projects. You never know, the project that puts you on the map might be just around the corner!