How to speak your mind at work?

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BY BigGavin | STUMPED | communication, keepin' it real

How do you guys find the right way to speak openly at work? I feel an element of censoring myself in a work environment in order not to 'rock the boat'.... but sometimes I want to forget about diplomacy for once and just speak honestly about problematic issues that are going on. Whenever you're faced with any unreasonable behavior/requests/stresses at work, how can you develop a method of communicating straight from the heart without tip-toeing around?

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BY Bryce Moreno
If you want to speak without a filter, this is how you start: First, know thyself. What are your values, where do they come from? Are they fair? Can they evolve? Are you solution minded? Can you add to a conversation or debate, or are you just going to bring it down for everyone else? If you can think about these questions, you are off to a good start.

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BY Dennis_M
Next up, BE PREPARED TO LOSE WHATEVER YOU SHARE WITH ANYONE ELSE. You are making a conscious decision to put your voice first. That may cost you your job, your friendships, it may even change the trajectory of your life. But if it's important to you, speaking your mind may bring you closer to the life/job/peers that bring you a sense of fulfillment.

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BY Dan Bodecker
An important thing to keep in mind is to not have the specific intention of insulting people, but rather addressing a problem and providing some fair solutions. If people get offended by that, then that's on them.

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BY Vlad_Rem
When speaking your mind, emotions may run high. disconnect yourself from your emotions and the emotions of others, and focus on cold, hard logic. Logic is unbiased and functional, and that will strengthen your stance. Being baited into an emotional argument has a high potential to derail your focus.

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BY Owen Miller
As noted in step #2, speaking off the cuff can lead to many severe consequences at work. But if you are someone that has a valid point, then don't be afraid to express it. Have a backup plan if your words are minced and you encounter some trouble for it. Have a community that you can find some support in, and don't sabotage your only source of employment / income / resources.