How to get interviews

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BY Parker Quimby | STUMPED | Interview, shrewd, creative, Career

Everyone knows that turning in an application to a job might lead to an interview. I want to know how to score an interview by going beyond the normal process. What is a great UNCONVENTIONAL way to get an interview?

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BY BigGavin
First thing's first: You need to have all of your own promotional tools ready. Your RESUME, WORK SAMPLES, REFERENCES, and even personal info all need to be availible at all times. Be ready to provide any of these items immediately- you never know when you'll need it! That means having printed copies, an iPad or tablet with internet connectivity, even business cards. When you have your job-making kit set up, then you'll be ready for improvised interviews!

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BY John
The best thing you can do is promote yourself. There have to be people that you know who own a business in your town. If you can promote yourself as a trustworthy person, you have a really good chance of getting a better shot at an interview.