How to make better pitches?

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BY thisismorty | STUMPED | Ideas, pitch, communication

How do I connect with my audience when I'm making business pitches in meetings? I always hear that my ideas are good, but rarely do they make an major contribution to a project. I want to present my ideas as not only helpful and efficient, but unlike most ideas out there. How can I better pitch these ideas and get the results I want? What are key ways to make people catch on, and help others bring my ideas to life?

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BY Bryce Moreno
Try to step away from the goal of getting your idea approved, and start focusing more on what your client needs are. Once you have a clear solution that underlines the needs of your audience, you can start to sell the idea.

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BY Brian Becker
Find some support for your idea with colleagues. They can also push for your ideas. Try to identify with them and give them a role to play when it comes to pitching your concept.

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BY John
As an above poster said, you need people to support you. Before you go into the meeting room, talk to a few of your co-workers and ask them if they'd support you if you proposed the idea. If you can't get any supporters, your pitch won't have any effect.