How to find out what I'm good at

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BY Owen Miller | UNSTUMPED |

So I've been working as an operations manager at a wealth management company ever since I graduated from college. I'm starting to feel unfulfilled/bored and I'm not that passionate about it. I want to start thinking about a new career, but I'm not that good or passionate about anything that earns money. In my free time I like playing video games and fantasy football. Also drinking is fun on the weekends with friends. I don't think any of those things qualify as jobs. How can I find a new talent that I can excel at?

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BY Rick W.
Well this is a tricky one, but I recommend that you start adding new things into your life. It could be a new friend, a new place or experience, or a new activity to do. Trying new things is a good way to get exposed. Then you might be able to reach a new goal when you start getting good at something different.

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BY Bryce Moreno
Once you start doing those new activities, you can meet new people and see what they do. Also, who is to say that playing video games CAN'T carry over into a career? You could work in the gaming industry, or even own an arcade or something. Be a part of your culture! There are many jobs based on your outlets, just keep an open mind.

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BY John
Really all you need to do is everything you can. If you know someone who owns a business; ask for a few days work there. Work for free if you have to. Most places will let you work for free, that that's the way to learn what you really like.