How to live more efficiently

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BY Bryce Moreno | UNSTUMPED |

I'm looking for a few steps I can take towards living a life with less clutter and complication. Not just with physical stuff, either! I want more streamlined daily activities, relationships, goals, etc. I feel that I can be more focused on what's important if I did a little cleaning. What are some ways that you can recommend for a leaner life?

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BY Dennis_M
Start taking note of what you use/don't use on a daily basis. What are things that yo would travel with? These will become the foundation of your essential items.

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BY Rick W.
In the same manner of step 1, what are activities that you do on a daily basis? What can you have that makes those activities possible?

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BY Yusef P
By now you should have a clearer picture of your daily needs. Also begin to consider how you will deal with other factors in the long term- are you going to live the same lifestyle in a year? 10 years? It is good to know how long you want to plan for, that way you can have a more structured decision making process.

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BY Owen Miller
When it comes to streamlined relationships, you have to know your role and work to maintain it. For example If you are a father, then you have to make decisions based on the best outcome for your kids. You don't have to debate so much internally if you understand your purpose in a relationship. If you are doing unnecessary activities when it comes to the context of a relationship, then you can work to eliminate that behavior.

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BY Brian Becker
Try to develop a weekly routine. This can help you stay organized, and staying organized keeps you from wasting time.

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BY Yusef P
Now that your material possessions, daily routine, and personal interactions are now more organized, you can focus on coming up with inventive new ways to do multi task. See if you can combine errands or create multiple solutions with a single action.

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BY Dan Bodecker
Don't beat around the bush when it comes to talking to people. When you speak honestly and directly, you don't have to explain yourself.

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BY Rick W.
When planning goals, always ask yourself- "Does this make me happy?" If the things you do are not bringing you any joy, might be able to cut them out of your life.

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BY sean stewart
Take the time to be in the moment. Don't stress out too much on the past or future. Just focus on what you can do right now, and act accordingly.

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BY James Willis
Print this list up, keep it in your pocket, and revisit these steps every few months. See if you can keep it going!