How to stop making crucial mistakes at work?

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BY James Willis | UNSTUMPED | Career, lifehack, Social Skills

I hate making mistakes at work, and most of the time it happens when I overlook something important. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it sucks. Mistakes can be costly in many ways, and they make me feel incompetent. What can I do to be more confident in the integrity of my work?

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Identify what specific types of mistakes you make, as well as when you make them. The error may lie in your difficulty with a specific task.

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BY Owen Miller
Also see if your abilities are even being utilized properly at work- its possible that you might be doing work that you aren't too familiar with, and need more time to gain a some type of mastery.

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BY Dan Bodecker
Reach out to your co-workers to do a bit of fact checking before something is due. That way, at least you'll be known as someone who tries really hard to have everything correct when it matters.