How to create a network in a new field?

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BY andyStrauman | UNSTUMPED | Networking, Career, Ideas

So I've been thinking about branching out some of my interests into something more serious. I have been a photographer for the majority of my career and I have slowly begun to entertain the idea of starting a small restaurant. The thing is- I know absolutely NO ONE in the food industry, and I have no real background in cooking. But I like to eat! Regardless of my present goal, I was wondering how someone can reach out and create a serious network in something that they are not really connected to?

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BY Rick W.
Do you have any particularly favorite restaurants? See if you can find any info or connect to anyone involved with the restaurant. That might lead to a chance to learn how they started out.

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BY Yusef P
A simple google search can give you some direction on how to approach a restaurant owner. You can learn what challenges they face or any other essential info needed foe success

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BY Dan Bodecker
Make it easy for yourself! Find some simple meals to sell that are time tested. People want to eat familiar things, so it wouldn't hurt to do one simple menu item very well.

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BY Owen Miller
Consider the location of where your restaurant will be. What do the locals eat? What do they want? When do they want it? You should have a clear vision of how your food is going to impact your town.

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BY Owen Miller
Certain restaurants belong to parent groups- even one-off locations. They can be funded or simply placed into a network for better exposure. Looking into groups and their partnerships with chefs & managers can really broaden your horizon when it comes to starting a new joint.