How to find an idea to build on?

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BY Brian Becker | STUMPED | Idea, lifehack, product

Everyday there are so many new products reaching people and becoming revolutionary. I don't have too many ideas that can become something big and I am looking for ways to change that. How can I teach myself to have a great idea in 10 steps???

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BY Yusef P
What's a problem you face everyday? Do you think other people have the same problem? Great solutions come from clearly identified common problems.

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Start to think about your daily routine, and certain problems or obstructions that pop up. Carry a note pad around and make note of any problem. Observe the frequency that these problems may happen.

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BY Francis D.
Look at all the problems and obstacles you've encountered. Begin to ask around and see if others have the same issues. Tailor your questions to see if they have any solutions. This will give you ideas in what type of product people are looking for.

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BY Owen Miller
Now you have an idea of what your market is needing. You'll want to give them something that solves their problem as EASILY as possible.

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BY enginhassamanci
PROTOTYPE, PROTOTYPE, PROTOTYPE Reinterpret & arrange the data you have collected in a workable format, summarized in a single page slide if possible. If needed, update the briefs you had written. Do a brainstorming session where you come up with solutions that tackle the issues listed in your brief. Document brainstorming sessions (sketching, post-its) as well. Pick favorites and try to develop and create working prototypes. It can range from anything between a cheap cardboard prop to a fully functional electronic board depending on what you would like to learn from them. Use those prototypes to develop your own idea, test it with the target audience to observe reactions, gather feedback from them and more importantly, test your own assumptions. Be careful on whose feedback you consider and how you do it. Reiterate as much as needed until you feel comfortable to present a workable solution to potential funders for further development.