How do I manage multiple jobs?

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BY sean stewart | UNSTUMPED | Multi tasking, work, job, Career, time management, sanity, experience, balance

So I'm trying to pitch in and help a friend build a small business. I trust in his idea and I know we're a great team. The only thing standing in the way is this- I have a very busy schedule and not that much free time. My job sucks up a lot of energy. But I really do believe in his concept and it has a tremendous amount of potential. How can I find a way to add this task into my life and still keep a sense of balance?

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BY UNCofDuty
Fist you have to figure out how much time you can dedicate to it. Take a look at your schedule, see what you can re-arrange in order to fit something new in. Almost everyone can spare a few minutes each day. Set a specific amount of time aside so you can give a small amount of input to your friends business.

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BY AndreTM
You looked at your schedule and you set your time aside. Next up, tell your partner that he has to get on your schedule and know when to expect you. When you guys are on the same page, you can use the time better. Have a plan set up for when you meet, and go over what you need to go over. Once this becomes routine, you won't feel like this is cutting into your other priorities.

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BY Ramos Alvarez
Now that you and your partner a synched, you can try things like having small meetings once a week and then a long work session once a month. Be creative on how you are interacting and how to approach tasks.

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BY tommy beuvais
Don't forget ways to be more effective at your main job! The better you can get at that, the more time/energy you can free up for your side project. Always look for new ways to streamline.