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How do I act like a full grown adult? | 5 steps
tabby0593 | STUMPED |

No seriously, whats a tax, how do i file them, whats a 401k, how do I find a new doctor, what do I do when I get a flat tire?

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How to find a good partner? | 8 steps
Vlad_Rem | STUMPED | Career/entrepreneur/motivation/business

I have daydreams of leaving my 9-to-5 and going into business for myself. Now I have a few ideas that I can build up, but they require a little more manpower to actually get off the ground. The problem is, I don't know to many people who want to help out.

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How do I prepare a portfolio for potential employers? | 5 steps
charlie 1837 | STUMPED | Career/employment/graphic design/job hunting

I'm kind of new at graphic design / art direction. The only thing in my portfolio are school projects and other random things done for friends and family. What can I do to create a portfolio book that gives me a better chance of getting a job?

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How to speak your mind at work? | 9 steps
BigGavin | STUMPED | communication/keepin' it real

How do you guys find the right way to speak openly at work? I feel an element of censoring myself in a work environment in order not to 'rock the boat'.... but sometimes I want to forget about diplomacy for once and just speak honestly about problematic issues that are going on.

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How to find an idea to build on? | 10 steps
Brian Becker | STUMPED | Idea/lifehack/product

Everyday there are so many new products reaching people and becoming revolutionary. I don't have too many ideas that can become something big and I am looking for ways to change that. How can I teach myself to have a great idea in 10 steps???

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How to make better pitches? | 9 steps
thisismorty | STUMPED | Ideas/pitch/communication

How do I connect with my audience when I'm making business pitches in meetings? I always hear that my ideas are good, but rarely do they make an major contribution to a project. I want to present my ideas as not only helpful and efficient, but unlike most ideas out there.

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How to get interviews | 8 steps
Parker Quimby | STUMPED | Interview/shrewd/creative/Career

Everyone knows that turning in an application to a job might lead to an interview. I want to know how to score an interview by going beyond the normal process. What is a great UNCONVENTIONAL way to get an interview?

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How do I market an app? | 6 steps
Dan Bodecker | STUMPED | App/Development/Marketing

So I've built an app based on sharing music playlists with friends and other local people. I've already reached out to people on social media, but how else can I do it for cheap?