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How to find out what I'm good at | 3 steps
Owen Miller | UNSTUMPED |

So I've been working as an operations manager at a wealth management company ever since I graduated from college. I'm starting to feel unfulfilled/bored and I'm not that passionate about it.

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How to pretend to be busy? | 5 steps
AndreTM | UNSTUMPED | how not to get fired/productivity/misc

I know it sounds goofy, but hear me out. At my job, there are busy days and there are slow days. I don't want to get laid off for being unproductive... but at the same time, there is not much to do.

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How do I manage multiple jobs? | 4 steps
sean stewart | UNSTUMPED | Multi tasking/work/job/Career/time management/sanity/experience/balance

So I'm trying to pitch in and help a friend build a small business. I trust in his idea and I know we're a great team. The only thing standing in the way is this- I have a very busy schedule and not that much free time. My job sucks up a lot of energy.

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How to make it to the next tax bracket as a designer | 3 steps
UNCofDuty | UNSTUMPED | rockstar/Career/risk-taking/reward/design

My income has been slowly increasing as time goes on, but I honestly don't want to wait forever to start making some serious money. I'm hungry for promotions, bigger contracts, and larger projects. As a designer, how do I give myself a boost in status in a relatively short period of time?