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How to live more efficiently | 10 steps
Bryce Moreno | UNSTUMPED |

I'm looking for a few steps I can take towards living a life with less clutter and complication. Not just with physical stuff, either! I want more streamlined daily activities, relationships, goals, etc. I feel that I can be more focused on what's important if I did a little cleaning.

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How to find out what I'm good at | 3 steps
Owen Miller | UNSTUMPED |

So I've been working as an operations manager at a wealth management company ever since I graduated from college. I'm starting to feel unfulfilled/bored and I'm not that passionate about it.

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Get better at networking events? | 6 steps
Yusef P | UNSTUMPED | Networking/Social Skills/Career

How can I make a better impression, better contacts, and create better opportunities at networking events? I am just OK at socializing and it's difficult for me to build out a conversation... especially about my career!

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How to choose the right job? | 8 steps
Francis D. | UNSTUMPED | Career

I am about to complete uni, and I want to know how to choose the right job. Should I focus on money, pleasure, or status? Should I focus on specializing or being more well-rounded? Let me know how I can find the most rewarding career path in the STEM fields.